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Apr 14

Little one eye little two eyes and little three eyes

Written by
Horace E.Shudder
Illustrated by
Ziba pakzad


THERE was once a woman who had three daughters. The eldest was called Little One Eye, because she had only one eye in the middle of her forehead.
The second was called Little Two Eyes, because she had two eyes like other people. The youngest was called LittleThree Eyes, because she had three eyes; the third eye was in the middle of her forehead.Because Little Two Eyes looked like  other people, her sisters and her mother could not bear her. They said:
“You have two eyes and are no better than anybody else. You do not belong to us.” They knocked  her  about,  and  gave  her  shabby clothes, and fed her with food left over from their meals.

One day Little Two Eyes was sent into the fields to look after the goat. She was hungry, because her sisters had given her so little to eat, and she sat down and began to cry. She cried so hard that a little stream of tears ran out of each eye. All at once a wise woman stood near her, and asked: 
“Little Two Eyes, why do you cry?”
Little Two Eyes said:
“Have I not need to cry? Because I have two eyes, like other people, my sisters and my mother cannot bear me. They knock me about and they give me shabby clothes. They feed me only with the food left over from their table. To-day they have given me so little that I am very hungry.” 
The wise woman said: 
“Little Two Eyes, dry your eyes, and I will tell you what to do. Only say to your goat: ‘Little goat, bleat; little table, rise,’ and a table will stand before you, covered with food. Eat as much as you like. When you have had all you want, only say: ‘Little goat, bleat; little table, away,’ and it will be gone.” Then the wise woman disappeared. Little Two Eyes thought: 
“I must try at once, for I am too hungry to wait.” So she said:
 “Little goat, bleat; little table, rise,” and there stood before her a little table covered with a white cloth. On it were laid a plate, knife and fork, and silver spoon. The nicest food was on the plate, smoking hot. Then Little Two Eyes began to eat, and found the food very good. When she had had enough, she said: 
“Little goat, bleat; little table, away.” In an instant, the table was gone.
 That is a fine way to keep house,” thought Little Two Eyes.
 At the end of the day Little Two Eyes drove her goat home. She found a dish with some food in it. Her sisters had put it aside for her, but she did not …

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